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Marion, OH

Robotic systems integrators is how RobotWorx is known. Using new or refurbished robots is how we help industries automate their arc welding needs. We can also help you envision a jointed-arm robot performing bonding or sealing; electron beam welding; plasma cutting or spot welding. RobotWorx focuses on quality robotic solutions at a lower price. Throughout the years, we have provided high-quality customized integration for a large variety of robotic applications. We offer new or reconditioned industrial robots, workcells and parts. Our large inventory includes the best robot brands in the industry, allowing more options to choose from. This also allows our parts department to offer quicker delivery than our competitors. We also offer customized workcells. There are many benefits to purchasing a complete workcell, to include safety and increased product throughput. Over the years, RobotWorx has also played a vital role in developing educational programs and forming partnerships with local schools and universities. We understand that investing in our communities is investing in our future; we hope our efforts will continue inspiring individuals to learn more about industrial automation.

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